Do Led Lights Hurt Dogs Eyes?

We know how lights can also affect human health because they can sometimes cause extreme headaches.

However, has it ever crossed your mind if they too can affect other living things such as dogs? With this, let us find out if they are exposed to lights. Do LED lights hurt dog’s eyes?

3 things about LED light

do led lights hurt dogs eyes

There are some things we need to know about LED lights and their effect on animals, especially our pets. It is a great responsibility to care for our beloved fur babies, ensuring they are always happy, safe, and healthy.

However, LED lights are already part of our everyday lives since they give us illumination to enable us to see things at night. There are three things you need to know about LED lights:

LED Lights have a cooler heat temperature

Since LED lights produce a light-emitting diode, it does not produce any hot temperature, unlike the traditional light bulbs that use filaments that become hot when used.

So with LED lights, there is a low possibility that you will experience overheating concerns with the light bulbs that may turn into extreme fire hazards, which may put the lives of your pets in danger.

LED Lights have vast options for color and brightness

LED lights are known to have a wide variety of color temperatures and different lighting color outputs ranging from red, blue, green, purple, pink, and a lot more than that.

Moreover, most LED lights already come with dimmable switches. Hence, you can adjust its brightness whenever you want to.

In case you get worried about your pets getting too much exposure to artificial lighting, then you can maximize the dimmable feature of your LED Light. Being able to choose the level of brightness of artificial lights will prevent your dogs’ eyes from suffering eye strains.

LED Lights are eco-friendly

LED lights are the type of lights favored by most consumers due to their low-carbon footprint and low energy consumption. In line with this, LED lights use diodes that make their lifespan longer than the types of light we were used to.

Since LED lights are eco-friendly, they are an excellent addition to our efforts to save our environment because just by using them, we help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission annually. Thus, we give our pets a healthier and safer environment.

5 things you need to know about Dogs

what led light color is best for dogs

You need to know a few things about dogs and how they see the light. Dogs see the world from a different perspective.

Even though humans have different visions compared to their fur -babies, dogs cannot perceive colors just how we do. Despite this, they have excellent night vision, which humans cannot see in the dark without the help of light.

Dogs are dichromatic

The retina of dogs can only see two variations of color: blue-violet and yellow, which makes them see things like a human that is color-blind.

Hence, they cannot distinguish colors ranging from green, red, yellow, and orange. However, they are great for differentiating shades and tints of grays.

Dogs use their other senses “to see”

Since dogs are dichromatic, they use their other senses to distinguish things and their surroundings other than depending on colors.

Though they may not distinguish the difference between a red and a green stoplight, they use a different cue, such as the position and the brightness of the light.

Moreover, they also use their hearing, feeling, and smelling senses to distinguish what is going on around them. Most dogs are intelligent, especially when trained.

Dogs can see in the dark with the help of their whiskers

do dogs like led lights

The whiskers of your dog enable them to see even in the dark. These whiskers have nerves that relay different sensory messages to your dog’s brain.

Moreover, these whiskers have multifunctional sensory tools, which give your fur-baby the ability to move and orient themselves around even in the dark.

Dogs are smart

This is not a surprise for most dog lovers because dogs are brilliant. They can learn new things and at least 165 up to 250 words, just like your 2-year old toddler.

Hence, it is best recommended that you teach your dogs some tricks while they are young to maximize the capacity of their cleverness.

Dogs have a great sense of smell

Dogs indeed have a great sense of smell. They can smell the food you just brought from them after getting off from work. But more than that, they can smell how you feel right at the moment.

Their sense of smell is so extreme that it is more than a hundred thousand times a lot better than you do. So it is not new to most dog owners that their dogs can sense what they truly fear.

May you be happy, sad, depressed, agitated, or excited. Dogs can sense what you truly feel.

Do LED lights hurt your dog’s eyes?

do led lights bother dogs

Since we already know a few things about LED Lights and your dogs. Let us take away your worry if LED lights can hurt your dog’s eyes.

Though, it is a rare occasion that LED lights will hurt your dog’s eyes as long as you make sure that you purchase high-quality LED Light bulbs.

Excellent quality of Light bulb will prevent flickering, which may cause distress to your fur-baby. Because dogs can notice the slightest flicker of light that even humans cannot vividly see. Thus, make sure to avoid buying low-quality and substandard LED lights.

Even though it is not harmful to the vision of your fur-baby, the blue light that is often emitted by LEDs can affect the attitude of your pet.

Since blue light and sun have the same color spectrum, the dogs perceive that they must be active and awake. Just like humans, dogs also have a circadian rhythm that determines one’s sleeping and waking time patterns.

Hence, causing your pet to have insomnia. So make sure not to overexpose them with LED light exposure before or during bedtime.

2 Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs and LED Lights

Fur parents may have many questions about how LED lights could affect their dogs. You can find the answer to the frequently asked questions below so you would know better how to take care of your dogs and, at the same time, avoid the things which can cause them stress.

What Light colors are recommended for your fur-baby?

Dogs are dichromatic. Therefore, they use other cues to differentiate the things that they see. That is why dogs know how to determine colors according to their brightness and lightness.

Yellow shades are recommended for your pets to provide an energetic and active aura.

But in case your dogs are trembling in fear due to the loud noise made by fireworks or thunderstorms, it is best that you provide them something like a plushie that is in soothing cool colors to calm them down. The same goes for the color of your LED lights.

What type of lights are bad for your fur-baby

Though there is no specific type of lights that are bad for your fur-baby, all you need to ensure is that the light bulbs are made out of high-quality material, may it be LED Lights.

Cheap materials used to make the light bulbs can cause them to flicker and emit a strobe light-like effect.

7 Tips on How To Keep Your Dogs Healthy

are led lights safe for dogs

Most of us treat our fur-babies like our own children. We bathe them, take care of them, feed them, and even spoil them with everything that makes them happy. But, the most important thing we can do for them is to keep them healthy so they can be with us for a very long time.

A bedtime routine with your fur-baby is essential

Dogs are pretty much like humans and kids. They, too, need to have a bedtime routine and relaxing atmosphere. This can help them relax and relieve the stress caused by flickering LED lights. Treat them as your child. Talk and pat them to sleep with a dimmed light.

Exercise is good for your fur-baby

Dogs are very energetic, especially those types that are playful. To keep them healthy, make sure that you play with them regularly as this can also serve as their daily exercise.

Moreover, it can also help them burn off all the extra energy and sleep peacefully at night since they are tired.

Train your fur-baby

Dogs are smart. You can train them as early as three months after they are born. Moreover, training will also emphasize who is the superior between you two.

Hence, teach your dogs what obedience is. There are a lot of tricks you can prepare your fur-baby. It is easier to teach them if you reward them with treats for every successful trick learned.

Give your fur-baby a TLC

Fur-babies can also be as stubborn as a 6-year old kid. However, please do not be too harsh on them when they get to do it regardless of their mistake.

Though dogs cannot speak, they can understand their owners whenever they talk to them. After all, they are cute, little, loyal, and loving creatures trying to understand the harsh world we are all living in. Love them more than they love you.

Provide a decent home

If you are ready to become a fur-parent, then make sure that you can at least provide them a decent home — a loving, caring, and healthy environment.

Feed them healthy meals

Always watch out for the health of your fur-babies by giving them delicious yet healthy meals. Aside from the regular dog foods, you can buy them in a grocery store or a pet store. You can also serve them home-cooked healthy meals.

Annual veterinary clinic visit

Like humans, dogs also need an annual health check-up when they get older. Of course, when they are still puppies, ensure that their vaccines are complete to avoid any health concerns. Have an annual vet clinic visit with your dogs to check their health.


We finally have an answer to our worries if LED lights hurt dog’s eyes. We love our fur babies as we birthed them.

They are precious beings who love their owner genuinely and faithfully. They are like kids who are very curious about everything and tend to be playful and naughty. Therefore, we do our best to care for them.

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