How to Fix LED Light Remote Wrong Colors?

LED Lights are one of the most popular lighting systems to adopt wireless technology.

Not only do they add satisfying visual effects to your space, but they are also cost-efficient and environment-friendly. Besides that, the convenience remote-controlled LED Lights give is top-notch.

However, what happens if your remote seems to have issues? You might be looking up “how to fix LED Light remote wrong colors”.

The good news is we’re here to help you out! Here is your ultimate guide on how to fix your LED light remote when your strips give off the wrong color.

Remote-controlled LED Lights

how to fix led light remote

Wireless remote controls were invented by Robert Alder in 1955 and were further developed in 1955 by a Zenith engineer named Eugene Polley. They were first used in TVs to change channels.

With continuous studies on its improvement and function, this technology progressed and was then used in different devices and set-ups. Remote controls were then incorporated into other types of technology like LED lighting systems.

Thanks to the brilliant minds behind LED technology, the lighting system continues to show impeccable development and innovations.

Remote-controlled LED Lights provide their users with numerous benefits that contribute to both their homes and our environment.

Advantages of Remote Control Lighting

When it comes to energy efficiency, customization, and convenience, remote control LED lighting has exemplary features. Here are the advantages of having a remote-controlled lighting system:

  1. Energy efficiency: As a rule of thumb, the less time you have your lights turned on, the less electricity you consume. This means that you’ll have a lower electricity bill. With LED Light remotes, you can conveniently turn your fixtures on and off with just a tap.
  2. Customization: Your LED lights are flexible. They offer a number of lighting options and colors you may choose from. By using your LED Lights, you can easily switch from one color to another. You can also elevate your mood by mixing a color with another color seen in your remote. Besides that, you can also control the brightness or dimness of the light with just a push of a button.
  3. Convenience: This advantage is already right under your nose! You can control everything about your LED Lights by just pressing a button on your LED Light remote. It’s very convenient to be able to adjust a lighting system’s configuration in just a few seconds. What’s awesome about LED technology is its trouble-free use, from installation and manipulation to maintenance.

Issues with Remote-Controlled LED Lights

how to fix led light remote wrong colors

Most owners of LED remotes do not encounter problems with their lighting systems. However, sometimes, issues with this technology arise.

The most common concern among LED users is when their LED Light remote sets the wrong color, despite pressing on the correct button. We’ve read this in forums and discussion boards across the internet.

This issue is not something to worry about since you can troubleshoot this quickly. We’ve made a short guide for you that’s easy to follow!

Parts of an LED Light Remote

how to fix led lights when the colors are wrong

Depending on the type of LED lighting system you have, these are the most common parts of an LED Light remote:

Switch: Press this button to turn your lights on or off.

Pause: The Pause key pauses your current light mode.

Brightness: There are 2 keys that configure brightness levels. One has a bigger sun with an arrow above it, which is used to increase the brightness level of your LEDs. The other button has a smaller sun with an arrow below it. This button is used to lower the brightness level of your LEDs.

Static colored keys: These colored keys are used to adjust your LED lights to the corresponding color.

DIY keys: Use these keys to set and customize a light mode. Push a DIY key and use the arrows to adjust the palette.

Lighting effect keys: These keys are used to switch from different lighting modes to another. Press the flash keys for a strobe effect, the fade keys for a gradient mode, and the quick or slow keys to adjust the speed.

How to Fix LED Light Remote Wrong Colors

how to fix led lights that are different colors

Understanding the parts of the LED Light remote will help you troubleshoot your problem efficiently.

Here’s are ways how to fix LED Light remote wrong colors:

1. Check if all the parts are connected correctly.

It might seem to be a silly procedure, but some users forget about how important this step is! Before doing anything, turn off your LEDs and check if all the parts of your lighting system are plugged in the correct socket.

This usually resolves the problem, but some users have reported that the wires of their LEDs are mislabeled. If so, you can try contacting the manufacturer to have them replaced.

2. Try adjusting the settings.

The cause of the problem may be because the lights were set too dim. To check this, increase or decrease the intensity of your light until it becomes brighter. It should start to show the correct colors if the cause is related.

3. Check the settings and reset.

For newly-installed LED Lights that have a problem with giving off the wrong colors, check your settings. Make sure that you have not unwittingly messed up with the configurations.

If you haven’t adjusted anything in the settings, everything should be fine. If you have mixed some colors or levels up, we advise you do a reset. After you do, the remote and your LED technology should be all set.

4. Reprogram your LED Light remote.

It’s very simple to reprogram your remote. First, turn the lights off. Hold the “FADE7” key for a few seconds.

Turn the lights on. Press on a static color key and check if the system lights up with the corresponding color. It might take you a few tries to reach the correct remote configuration.

How to Clean Your LED Light Remote

Cleaning your LED Light remote may be the ultimate solution to a malfunctioning lighting system. Sometimes, it will just take a few wipes to get the job done!

Ready the following materials to do this procedure:

  1. A screwdriver or a similar tool
  2. A tissue or a dry cloth

The first thing you wanna do is to remove the keypad of your remote. Unscrew the keypad starting on the bottom corners.

Once you get one corner out, gently peel the keypad off. Be careful in doing this step as your remotes are made of flexible plastic and a circuit board.

Clean out all the dust, hair, and other debris that you see in your remote’s circuit board. Use a tissue, a dry cloth, or something similar.

Do not use water or other cleaning products as moisture can damage your remote. Next, reattach the keypad. Ensure that the keys are properly aligned to the circuit board.

Clean your LED Light remote regularly to avoid the build-up of dirt, debris, and moisture. This will save your lighting system from damage and malfunction.

Maintaining a remote-controlled LED technology is fairly convenient, right?

Is it Possible to Control LED Lights Without A Remote?

why are my led lights different colors

The quick answer to this is yes.

There is a high-tech solution for when your remote has gone wrong or you lost it. You only need one thing for this solution: your smartphone!

Some of the latest releases of LED light strips have apps where you can control the system remotely. The technology behind this is IR or RF.

IR and RF Technology

IR technology is Infrared technology, while RF is Radiofrequency. Both allow you to connect your device to your smartphone.

By doing this, you can turn your LED lights on and off, switch their colors, adjust the intensity level, and configure the lighting effects from a distance of up to 25 meters. However, this only works for some LED Lights, so it’s best to check the features of your technology.

WiFi-Controlled LED Lights

This type of LED Lights can be controlled from a longer range than RF-controlled lights. This can operate in distances of up to 50 meters. WiFi-controlled lights can be manipulated using an iPhone, Android, or any compatible tablet.

What if controlling your LED lights from a smartphone is not an option? Replacement of your remote or lighting system would be necessary.

This might not be the solution you are looking for, but remember, there is not much you can do with a lighting system that has gone completely faulty.


When all options on how to fix LED light remote wrong colors do not work for you, maybe it’s time to buy a different remote or a new LED lighting system.

Your LED lights produce the wrong color can probably be because of a broken controller or a strip that has gone wrong.

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