30 DIY LED Lights Plans

Aside from their efficiency and brightness, LED lights have more to offer! You can use them to brighten up your room, decorate your house, or style up your vehicle.

By choosing from these 30 DIY LED lights plans, you will enjoy the benefits of LEDs. Keep reading to learn more!

1. LED Chandelier

led light strip ideas

Do you want to put a chandelier in your room, but it is out of your budget? There is a cheaper option! Try making an LED chandelier if you want to express your creativity today!

Bring out the used glass bottles and prepare your tri-color anode LEDs. If you have no experience in wiring, it is not a problem. There is a complete guide that can help you!

2. LED Illusion Mirror

To create something extraordinary, try this LED illusion mirror. Look for a frame that can fit the LED lights, a roll of car window tint film, and a strip of color-changing LEDs.

With these simple materials, you can do the project. Undoubtedly, your visitors will be astounded as they see the LED illusion mirror.


3. LED Arduino Clock

led strip light ideas

Although it may take some of your time, making an LED Arduino clock is pretty exciting! The clock may look analogous at first glance, but the color changes every second, minute, and hour.

By using an Arduino, the clock is powered. Don’t also forget the 132 LEDs and Real-Time Clock breakout board.


4. LED Flash to Music or Bass

Powered by a 12V DC supply, the 3-watt LED lights flash and blink according to the rhythm of the music.

Aside from having suitable materials, you only need to arrange the LEDs around the bass. Ensure they are in the proper series. You will surely love this project if you add fun to your party.


5. Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

led lighting ideas

Solar LED outdoor lighting is helpful if you want a cheaper way of brightening up your backyard. You can also install it in other parts of your house.

The main power source is the solar panel, while the battery is where the power will be stored. You have to make wiring connections to the controller from the solar lighting system.


6. Lighting Stairs

Turning your stairs majestic is easy! With the help of proximity sensors, the LED strips that you will light up every time you step on them.

It is a simple project that you can execute even though you don’t have experience in wiring. Only make sure that you have 12V LED strips, controllers, and a 12V power supply.


7. Color Changing Digital PC Fan Controller

led strip lighting ideas

One way of making your PC fan look cool is by putting color-changing lights on it. Using the motherboard as a fan controller can make the LED dim.

Use a full control fan controller placed around the AVR microcontroller. Not only can you have brighter LEDs, but you can control their speed and color.


8. Music Rhythm LED Flashlight

Another fun project that you can try is the music rhythm LED flashlight. The rule is pretty simple: the LED light blinks simultaneously with the rhythm of the music.

Transistors will receive the data from the mic, sending it to the eight colorful LEDs. In building the flashlight from scratch, prepare a breadboard, capacitors, and resistors. You will also need wires and a power supply.


9. Animated Christmas LED Snowflake Window Decoration

led lights color ideas

If you want to have a Christmas vibe for the whole year, trying this LED snowflake window decoration is a good idea! A PIC microcontroller controls the 61 white LEDs.

The window decoration has about 30 pattern effects, including fading. Aside from that, the speed is randomly programmed and a vast selection for patterns.


10. Motorcycle LED Light

Are you bored with how your motorcycle looks? Style it up with LED lights! You have the freedom to choose where you want to mount the LED strips.

You can stick it on the gas tank, rear tail section, and fork boots. Once you have placed all the LEDs, power them up by connecting the wires to the battery. Pretty simple, right?


11. Electric Umbrella

cool led light ideas

An electric umbrella may sound weird, but it is fun! Imagine yourself holding an umbrella filled with colorful LED lights.

Isn’t it cool? You also have the freedom to choose what colors you want: white, red, blue, green, or yellow. Small LED bulbs are preferable, but they may be more challenging to work with.


12. LED Aquarium

No matter how big your aquarium is, you won’t have to spend more than $25 on this LED aquarium. Aside from being cheap, it is also waterproof and durable.

Also, it is effortless to execute. You can purchase waterproof LEDs online, including the controller and the power adapter. Using the controller, you can pick the color and change the brightness of the LEDs.


13. LED Floaties

led lights ideas

This project is the perfect way to surprise your loved ones! Who wouldn’t love balloons stuffed with LED lights floating in the night skies?

You tape the LEDs and batteries together, then insert them inside the balloons. Bag them up so that they won’t float as you transport them to the location. Once you are in the place, let the balloons float and enjoy the view!


14. LED Trunk Light

With an LED strip, you can put a light on your car’s trunk. This project is suitable for any vehicle. Aside from wiring, you also need to install the light in areas where it won’t be too much heat.

You only need about 3 feet of wire and LED strips. The extra lighting looks decorative and provides more light.


15. LEDactus

led strip lights ideas

An excellent alternative to withering flowers is the LEDactus. LEDactus doesn’t need one I/O line to control one LED, thanks to the Charlieplexing method.

With three banks of 7 LEDs, you can light up 21 LEDs. If you want more light, it is possible to reach 56 LEDs with the method. You can check the project to see the PCB pattern and layout.


16. LED Bed Lights

With less than $30, you can do this project right in your home. The tools and products you need are standard and can be easily found. The wiring diagram is straightforward that even beginners can execute it.

You only need to connect the positive wire to the battery and attach the ground wire to the bare metal.


17. LED Nametag

led light strip projects

Whether it is for you or your kids, you can get creative in making a nametag. Aside from 3 mm LEDs, you will also need 2032 coin cells, 2 mm acrylic, and two short pieces of wire.

You will only need to put the 2032 coin cells between the cables to light up the LEDs. The LED nametag will light up by pressing the wires to the cell.


18. PVC Pipe LED Wall Lamp

You can create a sophisticated wall lamp using a small PVC pipe and a single LED bulb. This project is perfect for beginners, especially those with no idea how wiring works.

Create holes in the PVC pipe and insert the LED bulb. Students and kids can also make this LED wall lamp. But make sure there is an adult to supervise them.


19. Turn Signal Biking Jacket

outdoor led strip lighting ideas

Complete your bike wear with this turn signal biking jacket. This jacket has signs that light up to signal other drivers where you intend to go.

You will only need to prepare the Arduino main board, power supply, 16 LEDs, and two pushbuttons. Aside from that, you need your sewing kit or sewing machine.


20. LED Light Box

If you love woodwork, this project is the best for you! The LED lightbox will serve as a sunrise alarm clock. The lightbox will fade into full brightness every thirty minutes before the set time.

To power it up, you will need an Arduino pro mini. For a 14” x 18” box, prepare about 13 ft of LED strip.


21. Auto Night Lamp

The auto night lamp automatically turns on when the intensity of light in the surrounding is low. If it detects a high intensity of light, it automatically turns off.

The light-dependent resistors are responsible for sensing the light in the circuit. With this project, you need 25 light-emitting diodes. They need to be arranged properly so that the auto night lamp would work.


22. LED Light Shelf

One way to brighten up your room is by creating an LED light shelf. Since you will have to make it from scratch, prepare an MDF as your shelf.

Once you are done with the shelf, glue white LED strips. The daytime color gives a modern vibe to the room. You can also put the shelf in any corner of your house.


23. LED Chess Set

led light color ideas

This project is a must-try if you have chess pieces made of glasses! Each chess piece has an LED light powered by a conductive board. In this case, a sheet of copper is used.

16 blue and 16 green LEDs are needed to be placed inside the hollow recess of each piece. If you want different colors, you can use any colors.


24. DIY Lighting for Plastic Bottle

Recycle your plastic bottles by turning them into an LED night lamp! The source of power is a button battery. The plastic bottle will emit light with different colors by connecting the LED.

If you want to have fun with your kids, they will surely enjoy this project. Be careful not to let them swallow the button battery since it is dangerous.


25. Electronic Letter Box

led ideas

Have trouble with unread letters in your mailbox? Creating an electronic letterbox is the solution! Once a letter has been dropped in the letterbox, it will automatically turn on.

It will just turn off if the letters have been removed. To make this letterbox do the task, a light-dependent resistor works.


26. Floating Platform Bed

This floating platform bed will give a romantic vibe to your room. Besides wiring, there will also be much cutting and drilling so prepare yourself. Before you start, note that this is for a queen-sized bed only.

Make adjustments if you need a platform for a larger bed. You may also need to spend $100 on the LEDs. Don’t worry because your effort is worth it!


27. Bike Turning Signal

led strip lights decoration ideas

Installing a bike turning signal can keep you safe while biking on the road. It works by indicating where you intend to go to other drivers- either left or right.

The LEDs’ on and off are set at different time delays. Two different resistors connected to the 555 Timer are needed.


28. DIY Garage LED Lighting Upgrade

If you want to make an upgrade to your garage, installing LED lighting is the key. The LED project is so easy that you can finish it in at least 5 minutes.

It can brighten up a room with depressing dim lights. If you have an oversized garage, the best LED to use is the 82-watt fixture with 9,000 lumens for every fixture.


29. USB LED Lamp

led light ideas

If the keyboard of your laptop is not back-lit, seeing the keys in the dark can be very difficult. Having a USB LED lamp can help you. You can also use it if your tablet needs extra lighting. Using a generic USB port can supply power to an LED lamp circuit to make it work.


30. LED Corner Floor Lamp

You can build an LED corner floor lamp with one stick of EMT conduit and simple hand tools. When installed, LEDs can illuminate the dark corners of your room. With about $35, you can do this project and add aesthetics to your house.

By using a controller, you can choose what color of the LED you want to emit, setting up the vibes you wish to at the moment.



Have you picked the projects you will execute from our 30 DIY LED lights plans? With the benefits that an LED light offers, there are many things to do with it. You can use it to decorate your home or vehicle. It also works as extra lighting for your workplace.

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