18 LED Neon Sign Plans Do-It-Yourself Guide

Pandemic has taken a toll on most of us. We have been isolated in our homes for a long time.

We almost did everything to cope with the boredom– from dalgona coffee making, kdrama series, and a lot more and even tried a lot of Do-It-Yourself stuff. This time, we will learn how to DIY 18 LED neon signs plans.

Before we dig into different LED Neon Sign DIY Guide, let us first know a few things about LED Neon Signs:

What is an LED Neon Sign?

how to make neon signs

LED Neon signs are an excellent alternative to more expensive neon signs. The authentic and traditional neon signs are made with glass tubes loaded with inert gasses. Moreover, it is also high maintenance.

LED Neon signs are a type of signage that is more aesthetically pleasing due to their versatility in style. It uses LED flex lights which are less expensive, sturdy, and flexible.

How to Make and Install LED Neon Signs?

Though, the process varies depending on whoever is trying to make and install LED neon signs. But, you can opt to follow the steps below, which you may find more manageable for you to do.

Ensure that you prepare the things you will need for this DIY project, such as the flexible LED Neon flex light, conductor wire, adhesive, wire cutter, conductor wire, and a substrate which is only optional.

Just keep in mind that if the neon sign you are going to make is a message, it is recommended that you use a cursive font because it will run in a circuit to make sure that you will not cut its connection.

Follow the steps below in making and installing LED Neon signs:

  1. First, create your design. A rough sketch will do. Then, use a thread for you to outline your rough sketch, as it will also help you estimate how long the LED neon flex you will need.
  2. Ensure that you always consider the marking guides found on the flex light strip before cutting it out to avoid damaging the lights.
  3. Next is to create a final cut of the light strip. It would be best to place the LED neon flex light strip on top of the rough sketch.
  4. Drill some holes at every end of the light strip.
  5. Since every time you cut the light strip, a portion of the wire is exposed. Hence, ensure that the conductor wires are soldered together.
  6. Do not forget to seal the connection by attaching it to the substrate.
  7. Use an adhesive to put the neon flex light in its rightful place.
  8. Lastly, light it up after connecting it safely to a power source.

18 LED Neon Sign Plans Do-It-Yourself Guide

Sometimes, the best way to save up money is to make your neon signs using LED strip lights simply because you can choose the materials you will use that are not costly. We all know that an authentic neon sign made of glass tubes with halogen and other gasses can be expensive.

Listed below are the 18 different DIY tutorials you can try at home.

1. LED Neon Sign especially made for your wedding day

how to make your own neon sign

This is the perfect neon sign plan for couples getting married with a tight budget. You can make your own LED neon sign that you can put up on your reception, spending only a few bucks.

All you need are neon flex, two colors of wire, wire strippers, a soldering kit, box cutter, glue, silicone, chip clip, and other optional things such as clear acrylic and transparent drop cloth.

2. LED Neon Sign Making by Maneki Signage

LED Neon Sign is also a good business idea! Either you come up with your design or let your customers make their design and produce the LED Neon sign for them. After all, some people would rather pay in exchange for convenience.

Learn how to make your LED Neon sign with Maneki Signage. Ensure that you have common materials needed, such as the LED strip lights, a substrate, adhesive, and tools found in your toolbox.

3. Try this LED Neon Sign taught by Neon Mama

diy led sign

In case you just started your bar restaurant and do not have much budget to make the place attractive to bar hoppers, why not try this LED Neon Sign tutorial by Neon Mama.

The materials you need are easy to find, like the aquarium-type plastic tubing, MDF or Plywood as substrate, RGB LED strip and other things you will need to finish the process. All you need to have is a rough sketch of your design and follow the steps!


4. Custom made LED Neon Sign by Ads and Megs

In case you are on a tight budget but have been wanting to put up your own LED Neon Sign inspired by your name’s initials in your room. Try watching this tutorial by Ads and Megs.

Make sure that you have a design 3D printed and be your guide when cutting the strip lights. Materials needed are the typical ones, and the process is pretty much the same, outline, cut, solder, and work on the electrical wiring to light it up.


5. Man Cave LED Neon Sign Ideas by Neon Mama

how to make a neon sign

Bachelors who are very much workaholics also need time for themselves. It is always essential that men also find time to take care of themselves.

Hence, it is a good idea to invest in a residential property or even a condominium unit that they can use to make their man cave. The materials needed are pretty much the same. Moreover, you can get some ideas recommended by Neon Mama by reading the tutorial.


6. 1′ x 3′ LED Neon Sign by Signcraft Hacks

Want something more challenging? Try this 1′ x 3′ LED Neon sign! You can also think of your phrase, and “Hakuna Matata” can also work!

Create an outline to guide you while you cut the strip lights. It is a good decoration for any interior space. All you need are the Red and Yellow LED Neon Flex Striplights, Acrylic Sheet Canvas, Cutter, and adhesive.

The process is just the same, do not forget to solder every endpoint using a soldering wire.



DIY LED Neon Signs

Though, it is always an exciting idea to make your own from scratch to finish. But, if you do not have much time to do the process, you can consider someone to do it for you, yet you still have the final say on the design.

This shop enables you to design your own LED Neon Sign, and they will help you turn it into reality.


8. Easy LED Neon Sign by Sam C

This LED Neon Light sign tutorial by Sam C does not need any adhesive, any soldering process, or the CNC milling. It is accessible that almost everyone who will attempt to try this can pull it off.

Do not forget to have your design template, RGB strip lights, nuts, screws, substrate panel, scissors for cutting the strip lights, and a push-type wire clipper to connect it to a power cable. Voila, you now have your LED neon sign!


9. But first, Coffee! by Instructables Circuits

make your own neon sign

Coffee shops can get an idea with this tutorial and get away with most coffee shops’ overall industrial look in a more affordable manner.

Why not opt for a more robust look with a twist by adding a colorful but can still look realistic neon sign. All you need is clear plastic tubing, RGB LED strip light and other tools that can help you finish the neon sign.


10. DIY Neon Lights by Festive Lights

how to make led neon signs

Achieve this Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram-worthy DIY LED neon lights by Festive Lights. The steps are so easy, and all you need are pen markers, mesh grids, LED neon flex light, cable ties, and scissors.

You can create your design on a piece of paper and have it as your guide while you start placing the LED neon flex signs on the mesh grid.


11. DIY Open LED Neon Sign by Glowtime

how to make neon lights

The struggle of putting up your shop can be pretty exhausting mentally, physically, and especially financially. But, with the tutorial by Glowtime, you do not have to spend so much investing on your “open” and “close” store signage.

Moreover, it is not the typical boring signage. All you need are a ¾” expanded PVC sheet, CNC, Pixel Free LED trim, and a conductor wire. Of course, do not forget to do your design using some art software for a more accurate and detailed outline.


12. LED Neon Sign with Acrylic by Atef Alsaei

This DIY LED tutorial by Atef Alsaei is so easy, especially when you already have your guide. This technique is best used to make an LED neon sign in a cursive written message.

You can try lighting up your favorite phrase or create a decorative LED neon sign in your milk tea or dairy shop. You can achieve an aesthetic LED neon sign without breaking your budget.


13. DIY LED Neon Light Tutorial by Charlotte’s House

diy neon light

This tutorial is perfect for teens who love to organize and decorate their rooms, where Pinterest had always been their go-to site for DIY interior design inspirations.

Since these teens do not have much money to splurge for neon signs, the best alternative is to try this tutorial by Charlotte.

You need flexible LED light strips, substrate, paint, clips, screws, conductor, and other essential construction tools. You can now have an Instagram-worthy bedroom!


14. Customize your own LED Neon Sign by Adam Savage’s Tested

You do not know what to give your partner for your wedding anniversary? This LED neon light tutorial by Adam is a great idea! It is so easy to make.

All you need are colored LED strip lights and other typical materials required to do the process. However, it will be an advantage if you have an available laser cutter to make the substrate and guide while you put the LED neon lights.

Your partner will appreciate your gift because of the amount of time and effort you put into making this!


15. Hassle-Free DIY LED Neon Sign by Ted Yapo

diy neon sign kit

Try this hassle-free and easy LED Neon Sign Logo tutorial by Ted Yapo. You can purchase RGB LED strip lights at Aliexpress, zip ties, adhesive, conductor, and a metal frame cut out as a substrate.

Do not forget to put an acrylic diffuser and install a DMX LED controller for a complete experience. This is a good idea for gamers and streamers for their backdrop!


16. Budget-friendly LED Neon Sign DIY for your room by Raven DG

For people who have been eyeing to have their own LED Neon sign put up in their room, this DIY tutorial is for you! It will only cost you a few bucks, but you will still get the same feels and visuals with your LED neon sign.

You can buy the materials you need in online stores such as Lazada. Do not forget to design and have the usually required materials, such as the substrate and LED strip lights.


17. Old-School Neon Street Sign by GabbaPeople

diy led neon sign

Old-souls who like going to casinos and bars will appreciate this Old-School neon street sign tutorial. Some people like seeing colorful lights.

For this tutorial, you will need a flexible neon strip light in primary and secondary colors. In addition, you also need a substrate, a jigsaw, conductor, and adhesive.

Just do not forget to make your design using any software or AutoCAD and have it printed in its actual size for a more accurate guide.


18. LED Neon Sign with Acrylic Backer Tutorial by Precise Signs

Though, it would be best to have an available 3D Printer in your homes to make things easier for you to create the design and the cut-out guideline on your substrate.

Once the substrate is ready, you can start installing the LED neon lights. You can choose whatever light color you want. Just make sure that you properly cut the strip light to avoid any wire damage. And voila, you now have an LED neon sign you can put up in your room.


Now that you know how to DIY 18 LED neon signs plans, you do not have to worry about spending so much hiring someone to do it for you.

Or purchase from a lighting store that sells neon signs at an unreasonable price. Moreso, you can also create multiple designs that you can use depending on the occasion.

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