6 Easy Steps to Reset LED Lights

In comparison to the traditional lightbulbs we know, LED lights have a lot of good features to offer. It comes in various colors and designs, and most importantly, it is cost and energy-efficient.

People prefer shifting to LED lights because it helps us conserve the environment. Let us say you have already acquired one. Do you know how to reset LED lights?

What are LED Lights?

What are LED Lights

Before we learn how to reset LED lights, let us first define what it is and why people choose it more than anything else. LED is the acronym for Light-Emitting Diode. Its popularity has been relatively fast, making its name in the field of manufacturing and technology.

LED lights are well known to be the most cost-efficient and energy-effective lighting solution that is always available in a local store near you.

These LED lights are used for residential homes, but they are also preferred for commercial and industrial use.

If you want to put LED strip lights in your room by yourself, learn the step by step process on how to do it by watching the tutorial below:

6 Easy Steps on How to Reset LED Lights

6 Easy Steps on How to Reset LED Lights

There are so many different types of LED light products that are widely available in almost all local stores and hardware stores near you.

You can see it anywhere, and the technology is so advanced that most of them are already smart products. In case you experience some LED lighting malfunctions, it is essential that you know the steps to do on how to address the concern.

What is also important is that you should know how to reset LED lights. Because sometimes, resetting is all that it takes to make it work properly again.

Do not panic and decide to bring it to the repair shop or replace it right away as there is still a high chance to fix the problem. The usual lighting concerns such as cord problems, flickering or blinking lights, and even a deadlight has a solution.

Resetting LED lights using a remote control is just a piece of cake as long as you are already familiarized with how it works and what buttons to push.

Although, the remote buttons and some steps may vary according to the brand you are using. So, make sure that you know how to do a factory reset to reset LED lights with a remote control successfully.

We will talk about these 6 easy steps on how to reset LED lights using the remote control:

  1. Please make sure all parts of the LED lights are connected correctly and are powered on for at least a few seconds.
  2. The next step is to remove the power adaptor while ensuring that the remote control is not turned off.
  3. Press the power button and hold it for a little, and simultaneously connect the power supply once again.
  4. Just keep the power button on hold for a few more seconds until you see the LED lights are turned on.
  5. You will notice an alternating color of Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow once the LED lights are already turned on.
  6. Once the LED light turns yellow, you may now release yourself from holding onto the button.

Again, this factory reset is the most common to all brands but still, read the instruction guidelines on how to reset LED lights just to make sure.

6 Different Types of LED Lights

6 Different Types of LED Lights

There are various types of LED Lights available, but today we are going to talk about 6 different types of LED Lights. Take a look at the table below to learn some key features about these types of LED Lights:



Mini LEDs

● Have extremely tiny LED chips

● Usually used in remote controls, mobile smartphones, and calculators

● Least complex in terms of design

● Small size and compact

High Powered LEDs

● Powerful lights

● Has limited heat

● High-powered voltage

● Commonly used for vehicles

● Preffered as it is often used for longer period of time

● Higher output

● Higher lumens value

Alphanumeric LEDs

● Commonly used for digital clocks

● Has 4 types: 7-Segment, 4-Segment, 16-Segment, and Matrix

Lighting LEDs

● Comes in various ranges of sizes and shapes

● Uses aluminum and ceramic housings

● Has a great heat control

● Commonly used for residential applications

Red Green Blue(RGB) LEDs

● Colorful and rainbow-like light colors

● Has Sophisticated Controllers

● Most flexiblettype of LED

● Commonly used for light shows, status indicator, video display, and accent light

Flashing LED Lights

● Has a more complex mechanism inside

● Oftimes portable

● Directional light even without using a series resistor

● Very much easy to use

You now know some key features of these types of LED. You can purchase them depending on your needs and preferences.

4 Features of LED Lights

4 Features of LED Lights

Though some people who are not aware or do not feel the need to learn about lighting, they may have no clue why most users highly recommend LED Lights. Some key features are pretty obvious when comparing LED Lights to traditional types of lights.

Color Temperature

LED Lights have a wide range of color temperatures you can choose from depending on the lighting mood you want to achieve for your room. When selecting a color temperature, frequently, it is a matter of personal preference.

Learn more about the color temperature for LED lighting by watching the video below:


LED Lights are a good investment because you get to save a lot on your electricity bills. It uses lesser energy compared to other light bulbs making it more efficient.


LED Lights does not get too hot because it produces a lower heat percentage in comparison to other light bulbs.

Source of Light

LED Lights use a combination of RGB or Red, Blue, and Green in order to produce white light. Moreover, LEDs are very compact and small compared to other lights.

4 Frequently Asked Questions about LED Lights

4 Frequently Asked Questions about LED Lights

You may have many questions or worries about LED lights, especially if you are not familiar with them yet or have not yet tried using them.

You may be curious why most people you know swear by its quality and somehow convince you to shift to LED lights. Below are the four frequently asked questions by the consumers before they finally decide to take that giant leap of faith with LED lights:

Is it true that LED lights are very much brighter?

You may belong to a few percent of people curious about the hype with LED lights and why it is a better option than any traditional lights bulbs.

Well, if you are looking for a brighter light bulb, you cannot find one because every lighting bulbs have their own brightness level.

Make sure to check the wattage of a light bulb because the higher its wattage, the better. Also, do not forget to double-check the lumens level a single light bulb produces to achieve the brightness level you desire.

Are LED lights compatible to use with any fixture?

As the day passes by, the technology keeps on improving, and the same goes for LED lights.

Innovation does not end once it has been successfully invented, and it is not a surprise that a single LED lightbulb is getting more and more advanced every day. Though there may be limitations, the common sockets compatible with LED bulbs are E26 and E12 sockets.

So, if you have already decided to switch on to LED lights finally, do not forget to double-check the socket specification of your existing fixture. This is necessary to make sure that the fixture and the socket will be able to handle the high-powered LED lights.

Learn how to cut or extend LED strip lights by watching the tutorial below:

How long is the lifespan of an LED light?

To say that LED lights last forever is an exaggeration, but it actually lasts longer than any other lighting type. Due to its advanced technology, it is now one of the lighting types with the best quality when it comes to specification.

Moreover, its lifespan can last from 20,000 hours usage up to 90,000 hours maximum usage making every penny you have used to invest in LED light so worth it.

So it is common why people swear by LED lights because they can really serve you for more than years, making you save more money from regular light bulb replacements.

Do LED Lights malfunction as well?

We have already established that LED lights have a pretty long lifespan. And at the same time highly durable in comparison to any traditional type of light.

Regardless of its good feature, it is not exempted from experiencing any malfunction. After all, humans invented it, and technologies are not that perfect regardless of how advanced it is.

Though these malfunctions rarely happen, but the usual concerns these consumers experience are the wiring, cord, and heat. The best way to avoid these malfunctions from occurring is by locating and installing these LED lights properly.


Now that we already know how to reset LED lights, may you never encounter any lighting problems as you can directly resolve them yourself without needing to bring them to a repair shop.

Just do not forget the steps on resetting any kind of LED lights, and you are good to go regardless of the lighting concern.

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