10 Steps to Connect LED Lights to Alexa

alexa led lights

Smart devices and LED lights have been an ongoing trend for many homes. AI devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home Assistant become more popular as time goes by due to their accessibility and convenience, along with LED lights. If you are looking for how to connect LED lights to the Alexa guide, … Read more

Why Are My Led Lights Not Bright and How to Fix Them?

why are my led lights dim

LED lights can come with problems, especially as time goes by. One of the problems is a dimmer light. This article will answer the question: Why are my LED lights not working? Hopefully, you can solve the problem with your dim LED lights by the end of the article. Wear and Tear due to Oldness … Read more

LED VS. Fluorescent Grow Lights: Which is the One for You?

led vs fluorescent grow lights

When growing an indoor plant, you need to mimic how they grow naturally under the sun. Don’t fret! This article will tell you about the comparisons between LED vs. Fluorescent grow lights. What are Grow Lights Grow lights are a source of heat and nourishment for your indoor plants. They are great for people who … Read more

What is LED Light Therapy?

led light therapy benefits

Have you ever seen celebrities get hyped up about light masks and LED facials? You might be wondering what these devices and procedures are all about. LED Light Therapy is growing in popularity these years and we’re here to answer the most-asked questions about it. On this page, you’ll learn what LED Light Therapy is … Read more

Do LED Lights Need A Ballast?

do led lights need a ballast

During the early days of light technology, scientists place an essential device within the bulbs. This device was called “Ballast” and was set to restrict the amount of current flowing within an electrical circuit. But, as lighting technology develops in our fast-paced world, some lights are not engineered to have a ballast anymore. For this … Read more

How to Fix LED Light Remote Wrong Colors?

how to fix led light strip

LED Lights are one of the most popular lighting systems to adopt wireless technology. Not only do they add satisfying visual effects to your space, but they are also cost-efficient and environment-friendly. Besides that, the convenience remote-controlled LED Lights give is top-notch. However, what happens if your remote seems to have issues? You might be … Read more

LED Lights and Enclosed Fixtures: Can They Work Together?

LED Lights and Enclosed Fixtures Can They Work Together

LED lights have been around for some time already. However, it is still one of the raves in the lighting system world today. With that, you might be thinking of making the switch. However, you might be worried about your fixtures, your enclosed ones to be exact. So, you might be asking a question right … Read more

The Truth Between B11 VS E12

B11s and E12s seem to confuse many. Don’t worry. We understand the confusion! Allow us to help clear some things up for you today. There are already many different lighting systems, light sources, fixtures, and so much more! Now, there are also codes to worry about too! Who knew light bulbs could be so complicated? … Read more

28 LED Lights DIY Colors Ideas

led strip light projects

Today, let’s customize and personalize your LED lights! It is no secret that LED strip lights are practically great. However, that’s not all these lights have to offer. These lights also allow you to unleash your creativity. So, get your LED remote, and allow us to show you these 28 LED lights DIY colors ideas … Read more

3000k vs. 4000k: Which LED Light Suits You Better?

3000k vs 4000k

Whether you are looking for a new lighting system to brighten up your home or just someone deeply interested in LED lights, this article will help you. 3000k vs. 4000k LED light, which one should you pick? How does the Correlated Color Temperature Work? Correlated color temperature(CCT) refers to the correlation of the heat produced … Read more