5 Steps To Reuse LED Strips (Step-by-Step Guide)

can you restick led lights

LED light strips are a fantastic way to decorate your home. They’re even used as outdoor lights by some. The basic design makes it fun and simple to transform a place. However, you may need to relocate your LED light strips at times. Continue reading to learn how to reuse LED strips. What are LED … Read more

How To Fix LED Christmas Lights? (Precautions & Common Issues)

how to fix led lights

Buying LED Christmas lights is an excellent way to save money and energy since they last longer. Like any other light, they will inevitably burn out or get defective. Fortunately, repairing them is easy. Before you go out and get some new ones, read on to learn how to fix LED Christmas lights. Safety Precautions … Read more

Is It Bad to Sleep with LED Lights On? (Risks & LED Light Colors)

can you sleep with led lights on

LED lights have many environmental benefits. They are energy efficient, free from toxic materials, and last longer. Since LEDs are friendly with the natural world, does this imply that they are always good and beneficial when you sleep? “Is it bad to sleep with LED lights on?” you might wonder. How LED Lights Affect Sleep … Read more

Easy Ways to install LED Lights in Your Car (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Whether you want to install an LED light at the exterior or interior of your car, the methods are easy! LED lights have been known as energy-efficient and less costly. Also, it has a longer lifespan than other lights. Keep reading to learn how to install LED lights in car! For H4 and H7 Housing … Read more

4 Ways to Convert Fluorescent Light to LED

replacing fluorescent light fixture with led

Are you thinking of changing fluorescent lights to LED? Converting fluorescent light to LED sounds complicated. Also, it can be challenging if you don’t know how it works. But there are quick and easy ways to replace your T8 fluorescent light with T8 LED light. Continue reading to learn more! Look for LED bulbs for ballast … Read more

LED Light Color Meaning & Use Situations

led light colors

Lighting does more to your space than illuminate it. Both light and color can influence a person’s mood, day-to-day perception, sleep cycle, and psychological functioning. With the variety of LEDs available in the market, you might be wondering what the best LED light colors for different situations are. As a property owner, understanding the different … Read more

Can You Leave LED Strip Lights On All Night?

how long do led strip light last

Light Emitting Diode Lights, more popularly known as LED lights, offer energy-efficient lighting technology to residential and industrial establishments. LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular as they continue to improve to change the future of lighting technology. Using this type of light has a number of advantages including environment-friendliness, efficiency, energy-saving abilities, … Read more

Soft White vs. Daylight: 5 BIG Differences

daylight vs cool white

Good lighting is essential in keeping your home’s ambiance cozy. Lighting itself makes a huge difference in every space. It is one of the most important assets of interior design that can transform a gloomy corner into a relaxing one. Hence, finding the perfect light for every room in your home helps in beautifying your … Read more

5 Common Reasons and Solutions to Non-Working LED Lights

led light flashes on then goes off

Have you ever wondered, “Why won’t my LED lights turn on?” Like any other lights, LED lights may encounter problems. If you want to fix it, you must determine why it doesn’t work. We listed the common reasons LED lights won’t turn on and troubleshoot. Keep reading to learn more! Reason #1: Failure in electrolytic … Read more

How Much Do LED Lights Cost in 2022

how much do led lights cost

An LED bulb used to cost about twice as much as an incandescent bulb. However, prices have dropped. This trend will continue as LED bulbs are produced for a wider range of uses at lower pricing. Now that they’ve become the lighting industry’s go-to product, how much do LED lights cost? A Deeper Look at … Read more