7 Easy Steps To Hang Grow Lights

how to hang a grow light

If you grow your cannabis, veggies, or other plants indoors, learning how to hang grow lights can be very important. It will help avoid the need to hire an electrician each time you want to adjust your grow lights. So, how should I hang grow lights, you ask? Quickly put, you can hang grow lights … Read more

How Many Watts Per Square Foot for LED Grow Lights?

Folks who are new to indoor gardening often find it challenging to determine how much energy (by wattage) is needed to create ideal growing conditions for plants. The truth is, setting up a great indoor growing system is one thing, and supplementing your plants with correct lighting is another. So, how many watts per square foot for … Read more

How Long To Keep Grow Lights on Plants?

how much light do plants need to grow

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you already know that plants require light more than anything. When plants get enough light with the correct intensity and color, they quickly grow and thrive, resulting in a good harvest. But then, have you ever asked yourself how long you should let grow lights illuminate the … Read more

How Do Grow Lights Work?

Anybody with little indoor gardening know-how must have heard about lights for growing plants indoors. Indoor grow lights are designed to substitute the sun’s natural light so that plants can grow and flourish. But, how do grow lights work? Grow lights work by stimulating photosynthesis in just the same way natural sunlight does. These artificial lights provide … Read more