5000k VS 6000k LED Lights: Which One Should You Get?

6000k vs 5000k

5000k VS 6000k LED lights? Can’t decide between the two? Well, allow us to help you with that. Today, let’s put the 5000k and the 6000k LED lights under the spotlight. Let’s get to know them and put them head to head. By the end of this discussion, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of … Read more

The Difference Between RGB and RGBIC Strip Lights

rgb vs rgbic

With the vast advancement in LED technology, choosing to install RGB or RGBIC LED Strip Lights may get confusing and tricky on your part as a consumer. Because they are similar, you might be wondering what the difference between RGB and RGBIC is. We’ve made a summary of their features, key differences, and uses in … Read more

How To Dispose of Led Light Bulbs?

recycle led bulbs

Disposing of waste takes more than just mindless throwing. You need to be aware of your trash to ensure you are not posing risks to people and living things around. It is critical to know how to dispose of led light bulbs. Some bulbs contain hazardous components that can harm people and the environment.  Delving … Read more

How to Put LED Lights on TV? (Step-by-Step Guide)

led lights on tv

Led lights’ popularity as a home décor grew throughout the years. We can often see them lining the rooms and furniture. If a guide on how to put LED lights on tv is what you are looking for, you came into the right place. This article will tell you all about installing LED lights on … Read more

Are LED Lights Safe?

Are LED Lights Safe

Before purchasing and even using anything, it’s always wise to check for the safety and efficiency of the material. There are various types of lights to choose from, one of them being the LED lights that have been making a name for themselves. If you are perhaps planning to purchase this type of light, it’s … Read more

How To Stick LED Strip Lights on Wall Without Damaging Paint?

How To Stick LED Strip Lights on Wall Without Damaging Paint

LED strip lights are by far the most popular of all LED products. Their adhesive backing allows you to attach them almost anywhere as long as they are close to a power outlet. If you’re wondering how to stick LED strip lights on the wall without damaging paint, keep reading. What are LED strip lights? … Read more

How To Make LED Lights Stick?

How To Make LED Lights Stick?

As light sources are changing, new methods of installing have also evolved. Nowadays, some LED lights products are meant to stick in various places as per manufacturer and purpose. This being said, there can be challenges in making this work. So, you must know how to make LED lights stick. Adhesives For Your LED Lights … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Incandescent And LED?

incandescent vs led

Lighting is a crucial part of any home. You need light anywhere around the house day in and out. But what is the best light bulb for your home? You may ask: “What is the difference between incandescent and LED?” Continue reading to learn about the fundamental distinctions between the two. What are incandescent lights? Incandescent … Read more

What Is Integrated LED Lighting? (Options, Pros & Cons)

led integrated light

Lighting can do a lot more than light up a room with LED lights. Lighting companies can now start to redefine their light fittings due to the advent of LED technology. One great innovation is what’s known as “integrated LED” lighting. The question now is, “What is integrated LED lighting?” What is Integrated LED lighting? … Read more

History of LED Lights: A Comprehensive Overview

who invented led lights

LED lights have been a part of our lives in the 21st century. We often see them as décor, car lights, and many more. One might ask, where do LED lights come from? Well, we are here to answer that question. This article will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the history of LED lights. … Read more